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A teak deck of each ship!

Gemini has been involved in shipbuilding for 30 years and, increasingly, primarily in teak decks and cap rails for the super-yacht industry and owners. 

We have a rather unique working method with many benefits for our customers. In the meanwhile we aim to work with Kebony® wood and realizing large-scale projects and construction series.

Please cruise around our website to convince yourself of our expertise and experience.
  • Deck made under climat controlled conditions
  • No conflict between carpenters and other subcontractors
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get
  • Onboard ┬▒ 30% of normal time period
  • Reliable time management
  • Unique system for backorder of margins
  • No bolts, no holes
  • Almost no dust
  • No Plywood
  • No staples