Where craftsmanship meets innovation


Made under climate controlled conditions


No more conflicts between joiners and painters


Onboard time less then 30% of regular period


No screws, no holes


No plywood


No staples


No dust


Strict delivery and planning


    About Gemini Teak Decks
    Het Witte Hert 17
    1601 MJ Enkhuizen
    T: +31 (0)228 -545777
    F: +31 (0)228-545770
    E: info@gemini-teak.nl
    I: www.gemini-teak.nl

    About Gemini Teak Decks

    Gemini Teak Decks has 35 years of experience in performing high-end carpentry to the exterior of luxury yachts. Last decennium Gemini Teak Decks specialised in the manufacturing of prefabricated teak decks. We produce for Amels, Oceanco, Heesen Yachts and Jongert among others.