• Gemini Teak Decks

New Management

Dear business partners,

After 37 years at the helm, Peter Bakker is leaving Gemini Teak Decks. In this newsletter, the founder of our company sheds light on his decision to move on and we introduce you to the new Board of Gemini Teak Decks, which has the same structure and will stay on the same course. With quality, innovation, exclusivity and flexibility as our main compass and our customers as our absolute beacon.

Flying under the same flag

Peter Bakker recently handed over the helm to the new board officially, with the aid of the famous Dutch cheeseboard to symbolise what Gemini Teak Decks embodies: Dutch level-headedness, worldwide reach, familiar with every ship’s flag. “The flags symbolize the pride and joy that I feel, knowing I can hand over the company to colleagues who have helped me build it over the years,” said Peter Bakker. “This will ensure continuity in the structure of our company, in quality, and in the way we work. The new board shares this operating philosophy, and they complement each other perfectly. I couldn’t have found a better time to hand over the baton.”

Business Process Innovation

Peter Bakker can look back with satisfaction. He especially values the collaborative relationships with customers and partners. “I therefore want to thank all our business partners for working with us, for their commitment and trust,” he emphasises. Stepping down as director does not mean Peter Bakker is going to rest on his laurels. “I want to focus on being an advisor and sparring partner when it comes to innovation in business processes. Not only for Gemini, but also for other organisations – preferably in manufacturing,” says Peter Bakker, who looks forward to meeting up with familiar faces in his new role. “If you want to know more about my future plans or would like to catch up, I am always available by phone or email.”

As of now the board of Gemini Teak Decks consists of Richard Eikhoudt (CEO), Martijn Stilma (Technical Director) and Bianca Reus (CFO). We’d like to introduce these familiar faces behind our company:

Richard Eikhoudt (34) has been with the company since 2003. He is responsible for Sales and Customer Relationship Management.

Martijn Stilma (40) has been with the company since 1998. He is responsible for various aspects of production, such as fabrication, development, operations and resources.

Bianca Reus (46) has been with the company since 2008. She is responsible for Finance, Administration and Human Resources.

How did Gemini Teak Decks prepare for the management buyout and what is the core strength of the company?
An interview with our new ‘crew’.

Innovation, Development and Collaboration

“Innovation and development not only require knowledge, expertise and experience, they require collaboration. That is why, over the years, Peter Bakker put together a team that he knows he can rely on. A team attuned to his ideas, that complemented him where necessary. We have learned a lot from Peter. He taught us about craftsmanship and inspired us. We, in turn, focused on business operations. Especially when the company started growing – much had to be organized and streamlined.”


“We are an international company, specialised in turnkey prefabricated teak decks, which means a plenitude of tasks. In addition, every client is different. Everything we create is tailor-made. We’ve worked as a team these past years to build a solid company, one we can be proud of. We’re a leader in our field and prepared for the future. And because taking over the company has always been a guiding principle in how we work and evolved as a team, the transition will proceed smoothly. For our clients, it will be business as usual, though they will obviously miss Peter as one of our ‘crew’. We will continue on the same basis, have our own individual responsibilities, and be ultimately responsible as a team. Together, it’s full steam ahead.”

… and always on time

“What’s the core strength of our company? We are committed to quality, sound workmanship and exclusivity. At the same time we offer flexibility, transparency and a personal approach. We’re low threshold, listen to the needs of our customers and translate their needs into superior technical possibilities. We stick to a tight schedule: we are always on time. If there are problems, we find solutions. So we can still meet the agreed deadline. We do this, with our team. Because that will never change: collaboration is and will always remain the mainstay of our company.”